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Writer’s Block: How to Break the Cycle

Writer’s Block: How to Break the Cycle

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BE CONSISTENT: Give your brilliance  a chance to shine through everyday.

Don’t wait for a burst of inspiration. Tap into your creative source daily. Mix it up so you don’t get burned out on one body of work. Write in your journal, start a short story, post an entry on your blog. Keep exploring that subconscious mind and give your ideas an opportunity to surface.

CAPTURE YOUR CREATIVITY – while it’s still in your grasp.

Use it or lose it! Your imagination is a living, breathing vessel. If you don’t catch the current, it will pass you right on by. If you’re short on time, circumstances are not conducive for writing, or you just aren’t in the mood to delve into your creative genius, find a way to capture it!

  • Talk it through (with a friend or yourself) to make an impressionable memory.
  • Jot down bullet points. Make sure they’re descriptive. Feelings and scenery are great triggers.
STOP DOUBTING! Self-doubt can paralyze your potential.

A sliver of doubt can expand into a suffocating fog that clogs the creative airways and paralyzes your potential. Writer’s block mostly stems from our desire to be perfect and that’s a standard too high for anyone to reach. We all have a voice inside us that tells us we’re not good enough. Some people are just better at ignoring it than others. It is an acquired skill, and one that all successful writers share. As with any skill, it takes time and dedication to master it.  I encourage you to practice the following technique or find one that works for you:

  • When you feel your insecurities start to swell- shut them out!  Imagine yourself pushing them into an airtight chamber, shutting the door and turning the dial to lock them in. I even dust off my hands so they are all clean and ready to get back to work.
For the record, I don’t think anyone ever ‘beats’ writer’s block. It is something all writers face from time to time. We can, however, develop better writing habits and break the cycle so it doesn’t get in our way so often. I hope the steps I provided are helpful to you. As always, let me know how it goes…

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