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Losing A Loved One…And Finding Them Again!

Losing A Loved One…And Finding Them Again!

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I believe your thoughts control your emotions. If you feel negative, check in with your thoughts  –  chances are they’re negative too. Turn your thoughts around and your mood will start to improve. I have found this to be a life-changing theory, for myself and so many others. It applies to nearly everything – the only exception I have found is Grief.

No matter what you think. No matter how many affirmations you repeat, the emotion you feel when a loved one reaches the end of their life is overwhelming and often consuming. You have no choice, but to experience it.

I learned this lesson and many others while sitting at my grandfather’s bedside in his final days…

We all knew his time was coming. His 91 year old body was deteriorating and his Spirit was aching to be free. He told us on many occasions that he was ready to go home.  Hearing these words and seeing his discomfort, I wanted to feel acceptance, even joy for the next part of my grandfather’s journey, but  a part of me still longed to see the light of recognition in his eyes.  To see the physical proof of a connection that I knew ran much deeper. To hear him call me “Annie.”

The weight of sadness covered me like a wet blanket and refused to be lifted by the direction of my thoughts. The only solace I found was in prayer, at least there was something I could ‘do’ for him. I prayed for God to surround him in white light. For divine energy to flow through him and relieve his pain. I even asked for the strength to let go a little because I knew that would make it easier for him.

In the end, I didn’t let go. Not even a little. And when he first passed, it was just as I feared. His absence was instantaneous. How could he be here one minute and completely out of reach the next? It was like someone cut the cord between us and the connection no longer existed. I knew this wasn’t true. My entire belief system is based on the fact that we are spiritual beings and connect on a higher level.  It was just so painful to not be able to ‘feel’ him.

So I tried to re-create the connection –  on a physical level. Talking to loved ones, looking at photographs, calling on memories, etc. This got me in touch with my emotions, but the emptiness remained. Then again, I was searching for him in an “Empty” space. He was no longer in this physical world. Once I stopped focusing on ‘who he was’ and embraced ‘who he is’ in spirit,  I felt his presence again. With me. A part of me.  Our connection was never lost.  He was there, waiting for me to see him.  Waiting for me to realize that while he may not exist on a physical plane that he is very much Alive and a part of my life!

So… you first have to grieve. Feel. Experience the full impact your loved one had on your life. Even if this is years later. Get in touch with the emotion so you can move through it.

Then you can welcome them into the life you are living Now by opening your heart to a purely spiritual connection – they are waiting for you!