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My New Perfect

My New Perfect

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My New Perfect 

I started planning my life at a very young age, at a time when fantasy and reality were one in the same.  I believed that ‘when I grew up’ everything I wanted would be waiting for me. My husband would be tall, dark, and handsome, of course. (like most fairytale figures and a particularly cute boy in my elementary school) We were also going to have two children. A boy and a girl. I even went so far as to choose the perfect names for them.

There would be no real hardships to bare. No major disappointments or unexpected thrills even. Just day-to-day bliss.  It was a dream, of course, but the emotion behind it made it real and I carried it with me for many years. My recipe for a happily ever after.

That was many years ago…

Last night, I went to see a movie with my husband and our three young children. About halfway through, I looked over at him and we shared a tired smile. For the last hour, our kids had been migrating between us. Spilling popcorn, stepping on our feet, whispering (really talking) back and forth, bouncing around on our bladders and generally having a great time.

There was the husband I love  – with his fair skin and big, blue eyes. And my 3 wild and wonderful Boys. I found myself watching them instead of the movie for a while. I thought to myself, this is my New Perfect! This is the life I always dreamed of, from the inside out.  Messy and loud, with our set of challenges, we are the joyful and loving family I always wanted.

As a little girl, I could only see as far as the shiny wrapping on the outside of the box. As an adult, I still like the shiny paper, but I know  that I am most blessed by what is underneath it.

It’s natural to think about what we want for our future, but let’s take a moment to appreciate what we have.

Can you see where dreams have already unfolded in your life? What’s your New Perfect?

For Me… I’m not going to give my dreams instructions anymore. I am going put them out there and let God surprise me in ways I could never have imagined.