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Mastering Telephone Communication

Mastering Telephone Communication

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In a world where we have become so dependent on technology to communicate with one another, it is easy to underestimate the power of phone call. You can convey emotion, ephasis, urgency, humor, and compassion with the tone and infliction of your voice all while gauging your client’s response and changing tactics when necessary. Any time you need to address a sensitive matter or you are concerned that the tone of your message may be misinterpreted, you need to call!

Making an Effective Client Call. 

  • Prepare: What’s the purpose of your call? Do you have all the facts? If you’re giving bad news, anticipate their response. What tools or resources do you have at your disposal to make amends? Are you in the right frame of mind?
  • Focus all your attention on the call. Turn your screen off unless you need it.
  • Be outcome driven, but stay open to what the client brings to the conversation.
  • Tune in and empathize. It is better to have a moment of silence than to interject too quickly.
  • Manage your emotions. The calmer you are, the more influence you will have.
  • * BE READY to leave a message if you don’t reach them!

Voicemail Do’s and Don’ts. 

These may seem basic, but over time we can develop bad habits that get in the way of clear communication. If we are aware, we can make the necessary adjustments. Often small shifts in how we operate day to day, make the biggest impact.


  • Outline what you need to say before you call.
  • Put emotion in your voice to connect personally.
  • Limit your message to 100 words.
  • Provide a compelling reason to return your call.
  • Give available times when they can reach you.
  • Check your outgoing greeting.


  • Don’t use your speakerphone. Switch to your hand or headset before you dial.
  • Don’t be in a rush. Annunciate your words.
  • Never leave a negative message! Be patient and wait until you can talk personally.
  • Don’t forget to slow down when you say your number. In closing, give it a second time along with your name.