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Enhancing Co-Worker Communication

Enhancing Co-Worker Communication

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How we communicate with others effects not only the quality of our interactions and our relationships, but the quality of our work environment. Here are some ways you can contribute to a positive, productive work environment.

1) Be Courteous to EVERYONE (president to parking attendent)

* Don’t reserve courtesy for those you want to impress. Do keep in mind that how you treat others makes an impression!

* Tips: Refer to people by name, make eye contact, signal acknowledgement whenever possible. Smile!

2) Respect Communication Preferences

* Learn who works best through which mode of communication (email, phone, instant messaging, or face to face communication) and utilize those preferences. If you’re not sure, ask them!

* If you are not getting what you need, after you have addressed the issue with them, ask your manager for assistance.

3) Respect People’s Time

* Unless it is a genuine emergency, resist the urge to hover.

* Don’t hijack people in the hallways, nobody should ever dread running into you!

* Conduct business when it is convenient for all parties.

* Tell them how much time you need in advance and stick to it! If you routinely ask for 15 minutes and take 45 minutes, co-workers will resent it and be less likely to give you their full cooperation.

4) Help Yourself

* Make an effort to find the information before you ask. People appreciate legwork.

5) Proceed with caution on social media

* If you choose to connect with co-workers via social media, make sure the pictures, posts, comments they find there are professional.

* Ask yourself this – If you heard the president of your company was planning to check your Facebook page, would you freak out? What would you change?

6) Don’t Complain about Work at Work. Avoid Venting!

* Keep it outside the organization. Think of this as doing your part to keep the energy in your work environment clean. Don’t bring your drama to work.

* When you express your frustration, make it purposeful. Get your feelings out and then take action to improve the situation. If you’re not willing to take action yourself, it’s not worth discussing. Let it go.

7) Follow up 

* When you’ve completed a task for a co-worker, follow up with them.  “Hey, did I get you what you needed? This small act goes a long way to fostering positive co-worker relations.

8) Accountabiltiy is Essential

* I cannot stress this enough!

* Mistakes will be made, by everyone. Be accountable for yours and avoid casting blame. This encourages others to be accountable as well and promotes a more positive work enviroment.

NOTE: All of the above mentioned elements of communications are important, but without accountability, they lose the power to be impactful!

I hope you found this helpful.  I welcome you thoughts and send you my very best!