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Spring Cleaning…on the Inside

Spring Cleaning…on the Inside

By April 23rd, 2018 Uncategorized Comments Off on Spring Cleaning…on the Inside

Sunlight streams through the windows and immediately we feel different. Brighter. We are up on our feet stretching after a lengthy winter, when we notice that our space no longer reflects how we feel. There is dust on the bookshelf and clutter crowding our space …Time for spring cleaning!

But, is your physical space the only thing in your life craving a fresh perspective? What would happen if you shined that light inside yourself? Would you find areas that need your attention? Old junk standing in the way of progress? Passions laying dormant, wating to be inspired into action? Has the time come to acknowledge the emptiness, to explore ways to nourish and fill the empty places for a more fulfilling life?

Change begins with awareness so let’s start there and see where it leads us next!