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Finding the Courage to Trust

Finding the Courage to Trust

By April 5th, 2019 Uncategorized Comments Off on Finding the Courage to Trust

You know the saying ‘it’s better to give than receive?’ Sometimes it’s not better, it’s just Easier. This is especially true when what we are receiving is emotional support. Accepting help often makes us feel vulnerable. Trusting another person with a piece of ourselves, one we’ve likely kept hidden for quite some time, is scary. It could be a financial struggle. An illness or even a child with disabilities we want to shield from judgment. No matter the nature of the struggle, the fears are the same. What will they think of me? Who will they tell? Giving into these fears may save us from embarrassment in the moment, but in doing so we cast a shadow of shame over ourselves. This separates us from others and robs us of the enduring strength a genuine connection can provide.

If you are carrying a heavy burden and struggling in silence, I encourage you to share your pain. It’s part of the human condition and something we all experience. And yet, talking about it requires great courage! Choose someone who cares about you as a person. If you are unsure of who you can trust, I can provide a safe place for you to share your story, to conquer your shame and to learn how to move purposefully through the challenges you’re facing.