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Getting Started on a NON-FICTION Book

By October 2nd, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Getting Started on a NON-FICTION Book

You have a brilliant idea! Maybe many brilliant book ideas…You’re just not sure where to start. Here are a few tips for getting started organizing your thoughts and your materials. Organizing may not sound ‘creative,’ but with structure comes direction, and with that comes the freedom to write without the stress and confusion of not knowing where you are going next!

1. Get a File Box where you can keep all files relating to your book in one place. Color code files according to what they represent. Red: Chapters. Green: Research. Yellow: Publishing Info. Blue: Interviews. This may sound over-kill at the moment, but it will save you time later!

2. Define/Refine your Topic What is it you want to talk about? Break it down into subjects you’d like to cover. These are your chapters. You can group them by category or by title/phrase for now.

3. Define your Target Audience Who is your reader? Who is not your reader? Define your target market.

4. Research your Competition What is being written about your subject now? Books, magazines, blogs. What’s their hook/angle? What are you going offer that they don’t?

5. Benefits vs Features Consider your content in terms of what it brings to your readers. What will they learn from each chapter? Readers are searching for how this book will meet their needs/solve their problem. In order to write from a solution-based perspective, you must first understand your readers ‘pain.’ Why are they seeking your book?

6. Write Your Bio. What’s your story? What do you do or have you done that relates to your book? Where do your get your credibility? This is a very important part of the story. People want to know Who you are and Why you’re writing this book. It also helps facilitate a connection with the audience, which is more difficult to do in non-fiction, and equally important.

In my coaching, I’ve found most people write their books over a long period of time. Building a concise vision,upfront, for what you’re writing, why you’re writing it, and who you’re targeting is the foundation for a manuscript with strong content and continuity. AKA – a Marketable Manuscript!

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