Anne Kosem Life Coach

Meet Anne

Dear Clients,

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

Life Is All About Stories! The stories we tell others. The stories we tell ourselves. The story we live. As a certified life and book coach, I’m asking you to share your story with me.  I’d like to begin by telling you a little bit about my journey and how I discovered my passion for coaching.

I have always been a very enthusiastic person with a strong internal drive. Over the years, my positive nature and motivation have served me well, but there were times when my drive to succeed drove right over Me!

From an early age, creative writing was my joy, a weightless space where I could go and be myself. I was also focused on achievement – in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. I wanted to do everything, be everything. Most importantly I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. This fear of failure is what kept me from outwardly pursuing my greater passions and in some ways even realizing them.

I sought fulfillment in a career where I knew I could be successful. I satisfied my thirst for creativity and connection through marketing and professional writing. I went on to earn my master’s degree in business administration and appreciated the opportunity the experience afforded me. To advance my career and to lead others. When the opportunity came to change industries and partner in a new business venture, I took the leap! Building a business from the ground up was  an adventure. It required grit and a willingness to adapt to a totally new business but the reward of that new beginning far outweighed the struggle. Any frustrations I did have, I poured into my writing. It was my conduit to peace and I made the time for it.  Juggling work & family life proved to be the more stressful than I imagined. I was grateful for the outlet. Looking back, I can see it was much more than that. Writing was a pathway to a deeper connection with myself and also with others.

I edited plenty of non-fiction copy, but only bits and pieces of fiction. People usually sought me out to make their work more understandable or accessible to the reader.  When I was asked to edit a full length fiction novel, I almost said no. Accepting this invitation was a defining moment for me. It broke the mold of where I was and made space for where I was going. It was an all around eye opening experience. I found that connecting with another writer’s story, purpose, and characters was just as gratifying to me as birthing my own story. I simply wanted to be part of personal growth and transformation, whether it was mine or someone else’s.

That’s when I stopped editing my desires and started embracing it. I devoted myself to my personal and spiritual growth, and really started listening to my inner voice.  Instead of trying to find room for my passions in my life, I let them take the lead and prayed for the courage to boldly follow.   That’s when my journey as a coach began.

The pieces started clicking into place, first as a book coach. Soon after, I became a certified life coach.  My diverse experiences and skill sets turned out to be among my greatest strength as a coach. It has given me something that my education, ongoing training and experience in this field cannot – an empathetic heart and a broad perspective.

I believe the client-coach connection is the most critical factor in determining the success of a coaching relationship. My practice was founded on two fundamental beliefs:

Success is a result of who you are, not what you do 

Your Words were Meant to be Heard

I believe everyone has the right to live a life of purpose and passion. Sometimes we encounter stumbling blocks on our path to finding it. These stumbling blocks don’t just go away. We keep bumping into them. They show up in our work and in our relationships, time and again, until we knock them down and replace them with a pathway that serves us better.  It is never too early or too late to create a pathway that leads to purpose, balance and flow in your work and in your daily life.

I would be honored to meet you wherever you are and walk along side you. Giving you the guidance, support and encouragement you need to Become Your Own Success Story!